At Merch Studio, we're dedicated to bringing your vision to life.

For almost 3 years, we have made your success our mission. This means that we have made every micro adjustment and tweaked every setting to SO YOU CAN RECEIVE THE BEST DTF TRANSFERS YOUR MONEY CAN BUY.

From the quality of materials that we use all the way to our color-matching technology, we use only the best, because we only succeed when you do.

In fact, here are some of the most recent improvements that we made:

Get Top Shelf DTF Transfers

that will make your customers smile every time (AND KEEP THEM COMING BACK FOR MORE). Merch Studio's Award Winning DTF Transfers use only 6-pass printing on 24" (DTF)  to 48" (sublimation) wide commercial printers calibrated using Pantone X-Rite Technology.

Give Your Customers A Pleasant Surprise

with a faster delivery with RUSH SAME TO NEXT DAY TURN AROUND (optional). Competition can be tough in the apparel business. We ship your orders out as fast as possible so that you can have that extra leverage.

The Right Colors...Every Single Time

with X-Rite Color Calibration. We know that color accuracy is important to you so we invested in Pantone X-Rite's Color Calibration Technology.

That's a whopping $3,700 invested just to make surethat our printers get the colors right!!!

No more washed out reds, purplish blues or light blacks!!!

Ensure the Closest Colors to Pantone

through the Pantone Color Bridge for CMYK, sRGB and HTML. Colors may differ between our printers and your monitors. Using the Color Bridge Color Matching System, you can tell us what Pantone Code you want your color to be and we can recolor your vector files to match that Pantone code. 

Sleep Soundly at Night Knowing that Your Investment is Covered with Free Shipping Insurance*

Whether your order is worth $10 or $5,000, we got you covered...FOR FREE!!You can sleep at night assured that the shipping companies will not lose or destroy your investment.

*Insurance does not cover late deliveries.

With Our Expert QC Team, You Will Never Lose Money with Low-Resolution Prints

Our customer service/QA team consists of the most amazing DTF graphics experts we could find. Upon request, they will check your images to make sure that your images will print well with DTF and make recommendations if they don't.

Let's Grow Your Business Together

Take your business to the next level with Merch Studio Ultra Soft DTF Transfers.

Still Not Convinced?

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